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Downsizing Real Estate AgentWelcome. I am a professional real estate agent located in Metro Vancouver. I provide complete real estate downsizing services. Any reason to downsize is a good reason, infact, downsizing should be more correctly termed "right-sizing" because it's about finding the right size for your needs; and face it, needs change over time. I am extremely passionate about real estate downsizing and helping my clients achieve their goals.

Jackson Young Downsizing Real Estate AgentMy approach to downsizing is professional, thorough and referrable.
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Thinking of Downsizing?

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Congratulations!! Downsizing is a fantastic decision - you can do it!

Welcome! I'm glad you are here, sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Real estate downsizing is common and happens for dozens of reasons. People all around us, everyday, are making the decision to downsize - you can too. Go for it!

It's always a great time to downsize...GO FOR IT!

The beautiful journey of downsizing begins with a single lovely action. Action is the foundational key to all success. Downsizing? Take action with Jackson!

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Real Estate Downsizing

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Downsizing Feels Great!

Top Reasons for downsizing

  • Take the equity out of your home
  • Reduce the debt load and risks
  • Open up travel opportunity
  • Save money with less financial burden
  • Mentally Freeing

  • Reduce risk for future property sale - larger homes are more expensive and affordable to less
  • Family support
  • Central location with nearby hospital, amenities and a walkable neighborhood

  • Unexpected event (new job, divorce etc)
  • No more yard work, reduce maintainence
  • De-clutter, less baggage, decorating
  • Live more simple lifestyle
  • Moved out adult children

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Downsizing Consultation

Step OneA downsizing conultation is a key step in the overall process. Understanding your unique situation will help us develop timelines and allocate required resources to achieve the intended results.

Downsizing Home Evaluation

Step TwoA complementary, no obligation risk-free home evaluation will answer many questions. Important questions like, how much will my home sell for, and what should I budget for my next home. Can I afford location A, or location B etc. The home evaluation will also mention if upgrades, renovations or repairs are adviseable.

Downsizing Process

Step ThreePreparations begin in the sale of your property and finding a new home to downsize to. This is the most exciting time because you can start to see the action plan and really get a sense of what the future holds. Timelines can be very long, or very short, each situation is unique.

Vancouver Real Estate Downsizing

Downsize with Jackson Young

Image Sample 1Take action with Jackson and avoid common mistakes when downsizing in retirement. Contact me to discuss your unique situation and schedule a free, no obligation downsizing consultation. Ask me about the most important criteria to consider before selling your home in retirement. Contact me and identify key items to consider before moving into a smaller home.

Senior Friendly Neighborhoods and Buildings
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Testimonial...Jackson is an amazing agent. He was always reachable and provided superior service. Guiding us through the offer process and being there every step of the way. We will be continuing our relationship with Jackson. he made our experience less stressful and more memorable.

Testimonial...Jackson is extremely friendly, professional and very efficient. He made the whole moving and downsizing experience a breeze. I would highly recommend him to others.

Testimonial...Jackson and his helpers make the change from one living space to another amazingly low in stress, many thanks, having the pictures placed and hung saved so much uncertainty. Home had a couple offers in a week, enough said! Great work! Everything was moved and placed with no damage, and you sold the left over furniture, good work. Thanks to all.

...Everything was handled in a very professional manner. We felt we got good advise when some questions came up. Short and Sweet, the house was only listed 14 days before the sale!

...We loved working with Jackson. He was a professional and dedicated agent and he took the time to understand what we wanted. He was always punctual and pleasant to deal with, with a big smile and a positive attitude. He also gave us his honest opinion on the houses we saw. We are happy with the house we are in, thanks to Jackson.